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Tiered and Interchange pricing structures are the two most traditional ways to be set up. Tiered pricing is a fee structure that breaks down the fees into 3 different tiers (qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified). This is a straightforward fee structure that is easy for businesses to understand. Interchange Plus is a fee structure that breaks down the interchange fees (over 300), network, and processor fees. This fee structure is generally more cost-effective than tiered, but more complicated to understand for businesses. Flat Rate is just that. It is a single rate designed to cover every transaction that is taken. This fee structure is typically used by mobile businesses that are continually evolving.

Cash Discount

On June 29, 2011, the Federal Reserve ruled on the Durbin Amendment, in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Act, allowing businesses to legally offer a discount for cash or check paying customers. This Program is available in all 50 states. With Cash Discount programs, a small fee is added to each transaction to cover the processing costs. You pay only one small monthly fee for the service. These programs are ideal for businesses that just don’t want to pay for credit card processing. Businesses only pay a set monthly fee in lieu of traditional processing fees. This is one of the fastest growing programs because it allows businesses to lower their processing fee and use the savings to grow their business.

Interchangeable Optimization 

Interchange Optimization is ideal for businesses that have Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Government (B2G) payments. Our sophisticated technology gathers Level II and Level III data for you, avoiding industry downgrades and saving you more. Once approved for this program a business simply processes credit cards as they would normally do. Then, the network automatically initiates the optimization for lower interchange rates.


Point Of Sale Systems (POS Systems / Countertop Devices)

With a wide variety of systems to choose from FinTech Payment Solutions will help seek the best POS System for your business. All systems are the most technologically advanced (POS Systems/Countertop Devices) in the industry with EMV, NFC, APPLE PAY, GOOGLE PAY, etc. These systems work to provide your business with Safe, Fast, and secure payment transactions.


Contactless Payments

Offering you a full array of contactless payment options. Featuring abilities to pay using QR CODES and digital wallets including APPLE PAY, GOOGLE PAY & SAMSUNG PAY.  Contactless Payments can be made using “tap to pay” NFC (Near Field Communication). This is one of the safest most secure ways of accepting payment today!


Mobile Payments

For those businesses working remotely, or for those constantly on the move. Payments can be made from a mobile smartphone or a mobile device. After a transaction has been completed, an e-receipt can be sent in real time. Fast, Safe & Secure while “one the go”.



A Payment Gateway is the “virtual” equivalent of a physical card reader. It transfers the data from the point of entry (terminal, mobile device, or website) to the payment processor to continue the transaction of a payment.


E-Commerce (Shopping Cart)

Sell products online on your website. Our e-commerce shopping cart solutions will safely and securely manage your checkout process with your customers. No longer will your business be confined to just your brick and mortar.


Integrated Point Of Sale Systems

Payments can interface with your existing software. We offer solutions that in one step can take the payment, post the payment into your existing software, and store the encrypted card data for future payments.

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